You can download RDb2C2 local package from this website.


Our output files include 4 files.

(1)s*_map.png is the figure generated for the predicted contact map.

(2)s*_result.txt lists the predicted contact matrix, where each item corresponds to the predicted probability of a residue pair to form contact.

(3)s*_result.rr lists the top-scored residue pairs and their probablities to form contacts in the descending order.

(4)index.txt provides the server ID and the name of the original sequence.


Please cite the following papers when you use RDb2C2.

1, Wenzhi Mao,Tong Wang, Wenxuan Zhang and Haipeng Gong*,“Identification of residue pairing in interacting β-strands from a predicted residue contact map”,BMC Bioinformatics,19:146,2018.