Download programs

# Programs download
1 DeepFragLib: a fragment sampler for ab initio protein structure prediction using deep neural networks. DeepFragLib
2 DeepConPred2: the second version of a deep-learning-based contact predictor. DeepConPred2
3 RDb2C: an algorithm to refine the contacts between beta residues. RDb2C.tar.gz
4 RDb2C2: an improved method to identify the residue-residue pairing in beta strands. RDb2C2.tar.gz
5 DeepConPred: a deep-learning-based contact predictor. DeepConPred.tar.gz
6 LRFragLib: a logistic-regression-based algorithm for constructing the fragment library. LRFragLib.tar.gz
7 HHConPred: an algorithm to predict the helix-helix interactions from correlated residue mutations. HHConPred.tar.gz
8 ORDER_AVE: an orientation-dependent statistical potential. ORDER_AVE.tar.gz
9 SPOUSE: a distance-dependent statistical potential. SPOUSE.tar.gz
10 path-finder: a python script to find reaction pathway from a 2D free energy map. path_finder.tar.gz
11 RBRIdent: an algorithm to predict RNA-binding residues on a protein from the amino acid sequence. RBRIdent.tar.gz